Oliver Kersting, seit einigen Jahren ein großer Fan von Fate hat sich die Mühe für euch gemacht den Abenteuer-Generator aus Masters of Umdaar als Excel-Abenteuer-Generator umzusetzen. Weil Masters of Umdaar eines meiner liebsten Fate-Settings ist, habe ich diese Datei erstellt, um möglichst schnell und komfortabel an Abenteuer-Ideen zu gelangen. Außerdem machen mir aktuell die Möglichkeiten...

Das Thema des Karnevals der Rollenspielblogs im Juni 2018 wird von Dnalor unter dem Motto First Contact, oder vom Einsteige(r)abenteuer ausgerichtet. Dabei fragt er nach Einsteigeabenteuern, Einsteigerabenteuern und Einstiegsabenteuern ebenso wie nach Abenteuern, die vom Erstkontakt mit Neuem handeln, und … Weiterlesen →

Letztes Jahr habe ich zum ersten Mal an einer der von der Drachenzwinge regelmäßig veranstalteten DZ-Con teilgenommen. Da mir die Veranstaltung richtig gut gefiel, verstand es sich beinahe von selbst, dass ich (bzw. wir; Knörzbot kam dankenswerterweise auch wieder mit) … Weiterlesen →

Dresden Files Accelerated ist bereits die zweite Rollenspielumsetzung des Hintergrundes rund um den Privatdetektiv und Magier Harry Dresden. Während Dresden Files RPG noch auf dem alten Fate basierte, verspricht die neue Version einen modernisierten, schnelleren und einfacheren Zugang – doch kann sie das Versprechen auch halten? Henning hat es sich angeschaut.

Der MuRoCo ist der „Mutterstädter Rollenspiel-Convent“, der zweimal im Jahr Jugendtreff Mutterstadt in dem kleinen Ort bei Ludwigshafen veranstaltet wird. In den späten 1990er- und frühen 2000er-Jahren war ich regelmäßig dort, aber irgendwann war das eingeschlafen. Gute Freunde von damals … Weiterlesen →

Nein es dreht sich nicht um die Industrial-Metaler Fear Factory sondern um ein Hack für die jüngst erschienene Fate World of Adventure Uranium Chef. Der Masters of Umdaar Autor Dave Joria will mit diesem Hack zeigen wie man Monster bastelt:

For the last few centuries, technology has stagnated in all fields but one: simulacrums. These puppet-like lifeforms, made with a mix of cybernetics and bioengineering, have been implemented in everything from combat to domestic work force. Most simulacrum factories focused on churning out realistic and pleasing simulacrums by the millions.

As far as we know, the malchemist Hag-Queen Zaggria was the first to pervert the technology to another purpose: making monsters. She created her own laboratory, called the Fear Factory, and used it to create a slow but steady stream of nightmarish horrors. Most of them were commissioned by conquerors, who magnified them in size and used them as weapons of war. Some of them were used in fiction- they were the starring villains in movies and neutrowave shows. It is rumored that the Hag-Queen Zaggria once spent a year on a monster for the sole purpose of scaring her brattish nephew into behaving. To Zaggria, all that matters is that the client pays up front, and that they’re satisfied with the result.

Now, Hag-Queen Zaggria has opened the doors to her laboratory, and will be training her replacement. With the support of Mongongo Studios, she is hosting her own reality TV show competition. Many applicants will apply, but only the season winner will be chosen (and receive the 4 billion space-buck prize). Can you win her favor by creating the most inspired monsters in the galaxy?
Who are the Player Characters?
The PCs are creative monster-makers from every corner of the galaxy. These include:
– Black-sorcery-wielding malchemists
– Mad scientists, teknolocks, and xeno-engineers.
– Disgraced doctors and unlicensed surgeons
– Disgruntled toymakers
– Haunted artists and puppeteers
– Special Effects and make-up experts (who now get to make the real thing!)

Luckily, the creators have plenty of android helpers to help with the science and dark magic; thus, even a shaman from a backwater planet with no experience with technology can create an impressive cyborg monster. The hardest part is supplying the vision!

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Author Lou Anders berichtet in diesem Blog-Artikel wie für seine Thrones & Bones Romane Turbo Fate bzw. Fate Accelerated eingesetzt wurden. Wir kannten die Jugendbuch-Reihe bis dato noch nicht wollen aber drauf hinweisen.


Lou Anders is the author of the Thrones and Bones series, a middle grade fantasy adventure that begins with the novel Frostborn, published by Random House’s Crown Books for Young Readers. He is a Hugo award winning editor and a Chesley Award winning art director, with six additional Hugo nominations, six additional Chesley nominations, three World Fantasy award nominations, a Shirley Jackson award nomination and a Philip K. Dick award nominations. For ten years, he served as the editorial director of Pyr books. Additionally, he is the editor of nine anthologies, including Swords & Dark Magic (Eos, 2010, with Jonathan Strahan), and Masked (Gallery Books, 2010). He is the author of The Making of Star Trek: First Contact (Titan Books, 1996), and has published over 500 articles in such magazines as The Believer, Publishers Weekly, Dreamwatch, DeathRay, Star Trek Monthly, Star Wars Monthly, Babylon 5 Magazine, Sci Fi Universe, Doctor Who Magazine, and Manga Max. His articles and stories have been translated into Russian, Spanish, Danish, Greek, German, Italian & French.

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What’s Dungeon Tours Limited about?

You are a group of semi-retired adventurers, and your days of delving into dungeons are almost over. However, there’s been a recent trend of young nobles going “dungeoning”; and you have a client lined up who is willing to pay crazy money to join your party on your next adventure.

But there’s a problem: the noble twit won’t last three seconds in a real dungeon. So, you’re going to have to fake it. You have three days to find a cave, fill it with foam spikes and paper-mache dragons, and guide the client through. Can you reach the end without the twit uncovering the truth?

Dungeon Tours, Ltd.

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Inzwischen hat es sich ja schon eingebürgert, dass ich zu den Runden, die ich auf den Tanelorn-Treffen spiele, meist keine vollwertigen Diaries hinbekomme, oder wenn, dann nur für einzelne Runden und einige Zeit später. Aber wenigstens einen Kurzbericht über das … Weiterlesen →

Artikelbild-1014x487-nitrate-cityIn diesem Monat verschlägt es uns nach Nitrate City, einer Abenteuerwelt mit einer Mischung aus Film Noir Elementen und klassischen Kino-Monstern. Zu erhalten wie immer auf DriveThruRPG.

Nitrate City is a place where elements of Film Noir and classic movie monsters combine with explosive results. It’s a place populated by slick vampire private eyes, clever werewolf gamblers, cigarette smoking mummy fatales and deadly hit men from beneath the darkest waters.
You might be a member of ‘The Night Squad,’ a unique off-the-books crime-fighting task force, or perhaps you work best on your own. Regardless of your allegiance, your work will be opposed at every move by a secret society of criminals called ‘The Consortium,’ led by notorious criminal Victor Stitch, aka Frankenstein’s Mobster.
Walk the mean streets of this action-packed, celluloid landscape in this Fate World of Adventure by Doselle Young and Bill White.
Nitrate City requires Fate Core or Fate Accelerated to play. This 51-page supplement includes:

A random character concept system that blends classic movie monsters and noir archetypes
A cinematic take on Fate Accelerated character approaches: Action, Comedy, Drama, and Horror
Celluloid inspired systems like the Flicker Effect to bring maximum noir to your campaigns
Simple rules to generate noir cases for use in Fate games
A complete starter adventure: The Blood Dahlia

When you walk the flickering streets of Nitrate City, always watch your back.
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