Sune D. wrote an new variant of minimald6 character creation. Inspired by Barbarians of Lemuria, the lifepath system offers all information about the character we need in a novel way. […]

I’ve known Matthias Paßmann for several years, and he has sent me a few very, very cool games he wrote. His last work is right up my alley: You play […]

+Tarcisio Lucas wrote the awesome „Supernatural Investigation“ game, based on minimald6. SI is inspired by The X-Files, Supernatural, Buffy and Fringe. Wow! I know I really like these shows, and […]

+Max Lambertini is helping spread the goodness that is minimald6 ? He translated the rules into Italian. Here’s where you can read the translation: Prerequisites: a cup of good, […]

The minimald6 train is picking up speed ? Aeroslav (very cool name if you ask me) has translated the rules into Russian. Read them here:

+TheChaosGrenade has published MINOS Omitted Schemes, a brief expansion for his fantastic MINOS minimald6 game. It features „Non-Human Characters, Dual-Classing, Backgrounds, and other things y’all could easily figure out on […]

Paul Baldowski is ON A ROLL! He created the first version of Renegade, his minimald6 Doctor Who rpg. You can read it here:

+TheChaosGrenade keeps on churning out minimald6 games like popcorn. Today, he presents MINOS, which „stands for Minimal Old School. It’s a quick set of rules that tries to capture a […]

+SeanSmith goes all out and presents Protocol of the Devil-Patrician, a „simple roleplaying game where you assume the role of a member of the thieves’ union in a sprawling city-state […]