Ich habe in den letzten paar Wochen drei kostenlose (englischsprachige) Spiele veröffentlicht, die ihr hier herunterladen könnt: Futurepunk, Simple Feng und Creatures & Classes (das letztere eigentlich eine Ergänzung für […]

I tell you what’s wrong with them: their hacking/netrunning/decking rules suck big time. This text here is from 1999(!) and identifies the biggest culprit. To quote: They’ve (with the possible […]

Minor updates for *Simple Feng* and *Futurepunk* Simple Feng: I completed the rules as written by Ben Lehman (whose rpg „Deeds&Doers“ is the engine for Simple Feng and Futurepunk); mainly […]

Let’s create a player character for Futurepunk. I love old school gaming, so I try to use randomness wherever I can. Roll attributes: STRENGTH 4 DEXTERITY 6 HEALTH 2 COURAGE […]

I’m in love with Ben Lehman’s „Deeds&Doers“ again. D&D (see what he did there?) is an extremely rules-lite OSR game emulating the gameplay of the most successful rpg of all time. […]