Zur Mini-Reihe Worlds of Adventure gibt es einmal zu berichten, dass das erfolgreiche Katzen-Mystik-Setting Secrets of Cats mit Animals & Threats einen Erweiterungsband spendiert bekommen hat, wie üblich für einen Preis, den man selbst bestimmen darf. Er enthält neue Tierrassen für die Spieler und gefährliche Gegner für die Spielleitung. Ein Blick lohnt sich!

Foxes, ravens, rabbits and snails are among the many sapient animals with whom cats share their world. These creatures have their own agendas and their own magical abilities, and whether they’re friend or foe they have a habit of making things much more complicated for the Parliaments of Cats.
As difficult as these animals make things, there are far more dangerous threats out there for cats to deal with. Zombies, vampires, infernally invested humans, and other monsters lurk in every corner waiting for cats to drop their guard.
But there’s no monster worse than a cat gone bad…

This book is a companion volume to The Secrets of Cats, a World of Adventure for Fate Core System.
Inside you’ll find descriptions and rules for a whole bunch of new sapient animals to play or use in your games, and for new monsters you can use to threaten your players’ Burdens.

So sharpen your claws and prepare to defend your territory from a whole new bunch of animals and Threats!

Zudem ist mit Behind the Walls auch ein weiterer Band in der Reihe erschienen. Die neuen Regeln für Secrets (Geheimnisse) bewegen sich außerhalb der üblichen, offenen Bahnen, in denen sich Fate üblicherweise am Spieltisch bewegt, und das Setting verbindet die Konventionen von Gefängnisgeschichten mit einer alternativen Zeitlinie um den eskalierten kalten Krieg.


Russia fired first. America countered. Then all hell broke loose.
That was 1951, but now it’s 1959 and you’re still in prison. Maybe the people on the outside forgot about you, what with the war and all, or maybe it’s just safer inside Collins Park Correctional Facility. But will order persist in the cell block much longer? And what really is going on out there? Find out in Behind the Walls, the latest Fate World of Adventure from John Adamus.

Behind the Walls requires Fate Core to play. This 40-page supplement contains:

  • New rules for different types of stunts—personal stunts, cooperative stunts, and secret stunts
  • Ideas on how to use secrets in Fate Core on the world, character, and PC levels
  • System ideas for gangs and gang or group conflict in Fate Core
  • War and Peace, Love and Hate: an adventure for Behind the Walls
  • Ideas for the world beyond the walls to help fuel a larger prison escape campaign

Behind the Walls. If it’s safest behind bars, something has to change.

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Wir fragen uns grade welche der Settings aus dem Fate Core World Book 1 & 2 wohl am interessantesten sind.

Dazu haben wir einen Poll eröffnet in dem du bis zu drei Settings ankreuzen kannst.
Diese Umfrage ist rein interessehalber, was nicht bedeutet da wir nicht vielleicht mit dem ein oder anderen Autor mal reden könnten sein Setting ins Deutsche zu übersetzen…

  • Tower of the Serpents by Brennan Taylor

    The Fantasy Adventure (Tower of the Serpents): When our project hits its first funding goal, we start the roster for our set of digital expansions with a fantasy adventure playable with just a few friends, some dice, and the Fate Core rulebook. This will be written by Brennan Taylor, author of the Bulldogs! Fate game published by Galileo Games.
    [Learn More][Preview & Playtest]

  • White Picket Witches by Filamena Young

    Small towns are cauldrons full of family secrets. In Salem, those cauldrons bubble over. Inspired by paranormal cozies like Practical Magic and the Witches of Eastwick, White Picket Witches give the players magic and charms to deal with small town pressures… and sometimes, the forces of evil. It’s about accepting the past, fitting in, or breaking out. It emphasizes friendships, brother/sisterhood, community, and a touch of romance. Designed by Filamena Young of Machine Age Productions, who has worked with Margaret Weis Productions, White Wolf, and many others.
    [Learn More]

  • Fight Fire by Jason Morningstar

    Fight Fire expands Fate Core’s handling of objective hazards, answering the common question „the warehouse has the On Fire aspect… now what?“ Not only is this answered — literally — but it is enhanced and expanded in the form of a mini supplement that tackles both the day-to-day operations of urban firefighters (using tactics cribbed directly from the FDNY) and their lives off the clock. Raised in a firefighting family, Fiasco author Jason Morningstar takes Fate Core in a direction that tempers hard-researched realism with drama and danger.
    [Learn More]

  • Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie by Clark Valentine

    Our first stretch goal travels to a mini-campaign set in a World War One that isn’t quite like you read about in the history books. You play the multinational barnstormers and daring fighter pilots of the era, crewing the biggest airship that ever flew, as you take on the forces of a mad scientist and his army of galvanic automatons. It’s one part pulp, one part Battlestar Galactica, and100% high-flying zeppelin-and-biplanes action, from Evil Hat’s own Clark Valentine.
    [Preview & Playtest]

  • Burn Shift by Sarah J. Newton

    From the Mindjammer mind of Sarah J. Newton, a post-apocalyptic vision of the future! The Age of Space is gone, blasted to atoms in a devastation which buckled continents and boiled seas. Now the sky flickers with many-colored lightning and roiling clouds, and the air is heavy with poison. Twisted by strange energies from forms already geneered beyond natural adaptation, the remnants of posthumanity struggle to survive in the ruins of a once-glorious civilization. But for every one who succumbs to the curse of the Wounded Earth, another thrives with the Burn Shift — the new power which gives survivors an edge in this harsh and nightmarish world. Where most post-apocalyptic RPGs stop, Burn Shift starts: it’s not about wallowing in the devastation, but about pushing through it, reforming and rebuilding communities, going beyond… Whatever the future will be, it won’t be like the past.
    [Preview & Playtest]

  • Wild Blue by Brian Engard

    From Bulldogs! co-author Brian Engard comes this setting of six-guns and superpowers, monsters and outlaws and keeping the peace on the frontier. It’s a dangerous world out there, but opportunities abound in the Blue Lands for those willing to help themselves. You’re one of the Queen’s Wardens, a newly inducted recruit into the land’s most elite law-enforcement team, a team made up entirely of Powers, people born with unique capabilities beyond those of the common folk. You’re a superhero, a law-bringer, a Warden. But all power comes with a cost, and being a hero is never without danger.
    [Learn More] [Preview & Playtest]

  • CrimeWorld by John Rogers

    Leverage television show head writer (and series co-creator) John Rogers uses his extensively-researched knowledge of cons and capers to craft this sourcebook for running grifts and heists in your Fate Core games. Use CrimeWorld to run a game in the world of the ultra-criminal, or apply it as a toolkit to give added depth and adventure to confidence games and thievery in any game based on the Fate Core RPG system.
    [Learn More]

  • Timeworks by Mark Diaz Truman

    „Want to have developed the iPhone? We can make it so that your firm had the idea before Apple. Want to get rid of a tricky rival? We’ll make sure his parents never met. After all, it’s only murder if someone gets killed. Not getting born doesn’t count. Our time technicians are experts at moving the timestream in revenue generating directions. We’re discreet, careful, and always on time. After all, we know you expect the best. Timeworks. Making time work for you.“ From game designer Mark Diaz Truman.
    [Learn More]

  • The Ellis Affair by Lisa Steele

    In May of 1923, an American businessman dies while abroad. Investigators are dispatched to try to make sense of it, and uncover a hidden world of conspiracy, diplomacy, and covert operations gone awry. Who was Earl H. Ellis? Businessman, or spy? Was his death accident, or murder? And why was the last man to have contact with his ashes found catatonic and weeping while clutching them to his chest? It’s up to you to solve this real-events-based mystery from author Lisa Steele. [Preview & Playtest]

  • No Exit by Shoshana Kessock

    From writer Shoshana Kessock, take a journey into psychological horror, „Lost“ style. Characters find themselves living in an apartment building they can’t leave, and must come to terms with who has put them there and what they did to deserve it. Dark truths will come to light, in No Exit.
    [Learn More] [Preview & Playtest]

  • Court/Ship by J.R. Blackwell

    The court of Louis the XV of France was a weird place. He had a place called a „Deer Park“ where he kept a stable of young mistresses, he kept his court in the cramped and weird living situation of his palace, and from all reports lived a crazy and decadent lifestyle. Women would come to court to become his mistress to gain a title and lands. This was also the time of the „gentlemen scientist“ when there was growing interest in science and technology, as well as new systems of government. Into this environment… an alien invasion begins. This Fate Core expansion by J.R. Blackwell will explore themes of identity, hierarchy, and what it means to be human.
    [Learn More]

  • Camelot Trigger by Robert Wieland

    Camelot Trigger brings a mecha setting to your table. The One and Future King returns to a solar system filled with battles between knights in 80-ton armor on the field of honor.  Duel a Venusian princess for her hand. Hunt outlaws in the asteroid belt. Travel to Earth to joust for a seat of honor next to the High Orbit King. Star Wars Saga Edition writer Rob Wieland remixes Arthurian legend and big stompy robots in a setting featuring courtly intrigue, duels of honor, and XTE-78 Lancepack missile launchers.
    [Learn More] [Preview & Playtest]

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