I’ve written (or modified my existing OD&D version) a sleek, pretty fast and very fun rules set for miniature battles in Tatzelwurm, Blood of Pangea, Barons of Braunstein and Pits&Perils. […]

Es muß 1985 oder 1986 gewesen sein, daß ich mir die Pocketversion von Steve Jacksons ewigem Klassiker Car Wars gekauft habe. Mit einigermaßen geballter nostalgischer Verzückung erinnere ich mich an […]

As you might know, I’m a huge fan of simple roleplaying games, for several reasons. One of them surely is the fact that we (my group and me) can’t play […]

Another character for Blood of Pangea ,this time from the spy genre. Today’s character’s name is Bond, James Bond. If you compare his character record with Thundarr’s, you’ll notice that […]

Blood of Pangea by James and Robyn George is one of my favorite roleplaying games, but sadly one that’s massively underplayed in my group. I plan to change that because […]